Pick a day, a time and a place...
Eliminate all the noise and distractions...
Focus totally on your family...
introduce them to our amazing Family Time Kits!

Many parents have expressed the desire to teach their children how to be good people but they don't know where to start. At Family 4'em, we believe we can help solve this problem.

quoteOur kits have been structured in a way that will guide your discussion, from the time you gather your loved ones around you, to the time you disband to practice the concepts you have learned. From start to finish our kits have paved the way for a successful and rewarding time together.

Some people have voiced concerns about the time involved. Family 4'em is a family run business with children of our own. We understand that you are busy people with scheduling constraints. We relate one hundred percent to the pressures you encounter because we are just like you. We know that your time is valuable so we have kept your preparation to a minimum. Our kits include EVERYTHING you need so that in just one hour a week you can build happy, valuable and everlasting family memories, while strengthening the attitudes you want your children to achieve.

Each Family Time Kit includes:

Guided discussions about important concepts that will help your children grow into the ethical individuals you envision them becoming.

Fun stories to read together that both further the discussion as well as reinforce the importance of the week's concept.

Hilarious games, such as the Snickering Schnoz Blower, to bring you closer together while they send you into hysterics.

Awesome activities that create closeness, but can make you laugh and think about what you discussed.  For instance, The Kindness Toss is an activity where the family members toss the ball from the Kindness kit to each other shouting out a way they can be kind to themselves.